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In today’s world, few employers can successfully compete in the labor marketplace without maintaining a comprehensive employee benefit package. A major component of such a program must be one or more qualified pension or profit sharing plans.

At The Price Company, we assist employers in selecting the Qualified Plans to most effectively meet their well defined strategic objectives. We concentrate on designing, formulating, and installing corporate, self-employed and partnership-qualified Pension and Profit Sharing Plans for the purpose of tax deferral through fringe benefits. Through prudent planning, especially during high earning years, not only may taxes be saved, but future security may be established.

For the past four decades we have designed and administered retirement benefit plans for well over 500 companies nationally and internationally; we have established a reputation for handling large and complicated plans; and we have become a leader in the establishment of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP).

Why have a qualified plan?

Whichever qualified plan you choose, they all have important advantages for you – the employer:

  • They enhance your competive position in the labor marketplace.
  • They provide your employees, including management, with logical, effective ways to accumulate capital and/or retirement income.
  • They provide you with tax deductions for your plan contributions and adminstrative expenses.
  • Profit sharing plans and 401(k) plans motivate employees to take a more personal interest in the company’s success.
  • Employee stock ownership plans can increase cash flow and working capital, can create a market for closely held stock, and can provide cash for current stockholders.
  • Can be used in a profit sharing context to increase employee commitment and productivity.

How much capital could you accumulate over a 30 year period with qualified plans? Here’s an example: If you start a 401(k) plan now… with combined annual funding to your accounts in those plans of $30,000 and an annual investment return of 8%, your account balance after 30 years would be over $3,000,000. All from a tax-deductible employer contribution of only $900,000.

In short, qualified plans offer you the opportunity to tailor an employee retirement program to your needs as well as your employees’. We have discussed only a few of the advantages and considerations for you to study in this pamphlet. There are certainly others.

Our firm has professionals who can assist you in conducting a thorough analysis of you existing qualified plan benefits program, or can help you create a new program. We can help with plan design, promotion, and administration, in the most cost-effective way possible for your organization.

Qualified plans provide your company with tax deductions and help your employees accumulate capital.

We are committed to excellence in every facet of our business; from our creative solutions to the to the quality of our administration.

You will see us face-to-face regularly and you are welcome to call us toll-free anytime.

We have earned it with our clients and intend to maintain it as long as we are in business.

With state-of-the-art technology we can keep your plan administration accurate and on target.

We have you can have it. That is why we are completely fee-based and sell no products.

We are licensed to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service if ever needed.

We are a qualified team of administrators ready to help you when ever you need it. Together we have over 80 years of combined experience.

We maintain all plan data, preparing customized reports that ensure compliance with reporting and disclosure requirements.

Our staff is committed to being sharp when you need cutting-edge solutions. We are recognized industry experts and are continuously monitoring current and proposed legislation.


Philip D. PricePhilip D. Price, President, APM, EA

As plan administrator and Vice President with David N. Price and Associates, since 1988, Philip’s managerial expertise helped position the firm as a recognized leader throughout the state in pension and profit sharing plan administration. He now brings this same commitment to the leadership of The Price Company. Philip develops the strategies for clients’ pension and profit sharing plans that succeed in attaining their defined goals.

Phil’s Designations and Affiliations: American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries, National Society of Accountants, National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), National Center of Employee Owners (NCEO), ESOP Association, California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA), Past President SJVC–NIPA, Greater Fresno Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee, Leadership Fresno Class 13.

David N. PriceDavid N. Price, EA

Founder of David N. Price & Associates, Inc in 1971, Dave Price has earned continuous recognition for his ESOP expertise. His focus is on assisting clients in maximizing their ultimate retirement benefits. As a bank specialist, he consults bankers and investors and has written a book addressing the requirements and responsibilities of those serving on a bank board. Most recently, Dave is a cofounder of the newly formed Fresno First Bank and presently serves as the Chairman of the Board.

David’s Designations and Affiliations: National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA), National Center of Employee Owners (NCEO), Western Independent Bankers (WIB), Chairman of the Board, Fresno First Bank, National Association of Corporate Directors, Fresno Estate Planning Council.

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